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Custom Blank Books came out of an idea, inspired by Cindy Cashman's famous best-selling Everything Men Know About Women. As we started brainstorming, the possibilites became endless. Within the first week we had over 100 ideas for book titles! It just remained to develop the process - in a cost-effective manner.

Custom Blank Books is a family business, with "headquarters" in Austin, Texas. But we're all over the state of Texas. Vicki (San Antonio) is the desktop publisher who does most of the cover designs, Jennifer (Austin) produces and ships all the books, and Jeanette (Austin) creates the website and marketing plans. Stephanie (Waxahachie - just south of Dallas) creates the care packages that are part of some of the titles and Bob (Austin) keeps us all sane!

At Custom Blank Books we are anxious to grow and anxious to please. As you find new ideas, please let us know. We're always looking for inspiration and fun!


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